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Просмотр инструкции материнской платы Gigabyte GA 8I915ME G, страница 9

Hardware Installation- 9 -
1-1 Considerations Prior to Installation
Preparing Your Computer
The motherboard contains numerous delicate electronic circuits and components which can
become damaged as a result of electrostatic discharge (ESD). Thus, prior to installation, please
follow the instructions below:
1. Please turn off the computer and unplug its power cord.
2. When handling the motherboard, avoid touching any metal leads or connectors.
3. It is best to wear an electrostatic discharge (ESD) cuff when handling electronic components
4. Prior to installing the electronic components, please have these items on top of an antistatic pad or
within a electrostatic shielding container.
5. Please verify that the power supply is switched off before unplugging the power supply connector
from the motherboard.
Installation Notices
1. Prior to installation, please do not remove the stickers on the motherboard. These stickers are required
for warranty validation.
2. Prior to the installation of the motherboard or any hardware, please first carefully read the information
in the provided manual.
3. Before using the product, please verify that all cables and power connectors are connected.
4. To prevent damage to the motherboard, please do not allow screws to come in contact with the
motherboard circuit or its components.
5. Please make sure there are no leftover screws or metal components placed on the motherboard or
within the computer casing.
6. Please do not place the computer system on an uneven surface.
7. Turning on the computer power during the installation process can lead to damage to system
components as well as physical harm to the user.
8. If you are uncertain about any installation steps or have a problem related to the use of the product,
please consult a certified computer technician.
Instances of Non-Warranty
1. Damage due to natural disaster, accident or human cause.
2. Damage as a result of violating the conditions recommended in the user manual.
3. Damage due to improper installation.
4. Damage due to use of uncertified components.
5. Damage due to use exceeding the permitted parameters.
6. Product determined to be an unofficial Gigabyte product.
Chapter 1 Hardware Installation
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