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Просмотр инструкции материнской платы Gigabyte GA 8I915ME G, страница 14

GA-8I915ME Series Motherboard - 14 -
1. The DIMM slot has a notch, so the DIMM
memory module can only fit in one direction.
2. Insert the DIMM memory module vertically
into the DIMM slot. Then push it down.
3. Close the plastic clip at both edges of the DIMM
slots to lock the DIMM module.
Reverse the installation steps when you wish
to remove the DIMM module.
The motherboard supports DDR memory modules, whereby BIOS will automatically detect memory
capacity and specifications. Memory modules are designed so that they can be inserted only in one
direction. The memory capacity used can differ with each slot.
Before installing the memory modules, please comply with the following conditions:
1. Please make sure that the memory used is supported by the motherboard. It is
recommended that memory of similar capacity, specifications and brand be used.
2. Before installing or removing memory modules, please make sure that the computer
power is switched off to prevent hardware damage.
3. Memory modules have a foolproof insertion design. A memory module can be installed
in only one direction. If you are unable to insert the module, please switch the direction.
1-4 Installation of Memory
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