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Просмотр инструкции материнской платы Gigabyte GA 8I915ME G, страница 48

GA-8I915ME Series Motherboard - 48 -
2-10 Set Supervisor/User Password
Selecting this field loads the factory defaults for BIOS and Chipset Features which the system automatically
When you select this function, the following message will appear at the center of the screen to assist you in
creating a password.
Type the password, up to eight characters, and press <Enter>. You will be asked to confirm the password.
Type the password again and press <Enter>. You may also press <Esc> to abort the selection and not enter
a password.
To disable password, just press <Enter> when you are prompted to enter password. A message
"PASSWORD DISABLED" will appear to confirm the password being disabled. Once the password is disabled,
the system will boot and you can enter Setup freely.
The BIOS Setup program allows you to specify two separate passwords:
SUPERVISOR PASSWORD and a USER PASSWORD. When disabled, anyone may access all BIOS Setup
program function. When enabled, the Supervisor password is required for entering the BIOS Setup program
and having full configuration fields, the User password is required to access only basic items.
If you select "System" at "Password Check" in Advance BIOS Features Menu, you will be prompted for the
password every time the system is rebooted or any time you try to enter Setup Menu.
If you select "Setup" at "Password Check" in Advance BIOS Features Menu, you will be prompted only when
you try to enter Setup.
CMOS Setup Utility-Copyright (C) 1984-2005 Award Software
` Standard CMOS Features
` Advanced BIOS Features
` Integrated Peripherals
` Power Management Setup
` PnP/PCI Configurations
` PC Health Status
` Frequency/Voltage Control
ESC: Quit KLJI: Select Item
F8: Q-Flash F10: Save & Exit Setup
Change/Set/Disable Password
Load Fail-Safe Defaults
Load Optimized Defaults
Set Supervisor Password
Set User Password
Save & Exit Setup
Exit Without Saving
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