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Просмотр инструкции материнской платы Gigabyte GA 8I915ME G, страница 17

Hardware Installation- 17 -
The revolutionary and innovative G.E.A.R. (GIGABYTE Enhance AGP Riser) interface provides an
additional interface for traditional AGP Graphics card on Intel chipset based PCI Express solution
motherboard. It supports most of the AGP Graphics card available in the market from AGP 4X to AGP
8X graphics card.
1. Please remove the sticker on the G.E.A.R. slot before inserting your AGP graphics card.
2. G.E.A.R. interface is designed to provide a temporary AGP solution before the mass availability of
PCI Express graphics card. It is suggested to use PCI Express X 16 interface graphics card to avoid
the damage of your AGP graphics card.
3. G.E.A.R. interface is created through PCI interface signal and voltage switching to AGP interface,
due to this technical specification difference, it might cause AGP graphics card life-span shortens.
4. Please view the graphics cards support list currently validated by GIGABYTE enginneers. For more
updated information, please logon to GIGABYTE website at http://www.gigabyte.com.tw
1-5-1 What is G.E.A.R.?
(The items below are all supported under the Windows XP operating system. When using an
add-on graphics card, please first delete the onboard graphics driver before installing the driver
for the add-on graphics card.)
1-5-2 Graphics Card Support List
Figure 1-1. 4X AGP Card
To be continued...
Graphics Chip Maker Model Name
Nvidia Gigabyte GA-620
Gigabyte GA-622
Gigabyte GA-660 Plus
Gigabyte GA-GF2560
Gigabyte GA-GF2000
Gigabyte GA-GF1280
Gigabyte GV-GF2010D
Gigabyte GA-GF3000D
Gigabyte GV-GF1280-32E
Gigabyte GV-GF1280T-32P
Gigabyte G V-GF3200TF
Gigabyte G V-GF3500TF-GH
ELSA Gladiac Ultra
ELSA Gladiac 517
ELSA Gladiac 517vivo
ELSA Gladiac 525 A128
Leadtek W inFast A170 T H
Leadtek W inFast A250 TO
Leadtek W inFast A250 Ultra
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