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Просмотр инструкции материнской платы Gigabyte GA 8I945GMMFY RH, страница 71

Appendix- 71 -
Figure 15
Windows Setup
Press F6 if you need to install a 3rd party SCSI or RAID driver.
Figure 16
Windows Setup
S=Specify Additional Device ENTER=Continue F3=Exit
Setup could not determine the type of one or more mass storage devices
installed in your system, or you have chosen to manually specify an adapter.
Currently, Setup will load support for the following mass storage devices(s)
* To specify additional SCSI adapters, CD-ROM drives, or special
disk controllers for use with Windows, including those for
which you have a device support disk from a mass storage device
manufacturer, press S.
* If you do not have any device support disks from a mass storage
device manufacturer, or do not want to specify additional
mass storage devices for use with Windows, press ENTER.
(5) Installing SATA controller driver during OS installation
Now that you have prepared the SATA driver disk and configured BIOS settings, you are ready to install
Windows 2000/XP onto your SATA hard drive with the SATA driver. The following is an example of
Windows XP installation.
Step 1: Restart your system to boot from the Windows 2000/XP Setup disk and press F6 as soon as
you see the "Press F6 if you need to install a 3rd party SCSI or RAID driver" message (Figure 15). After
pressing F6, there will be a few moments of some files being loaded before you see the next screen.
Step 2:
When a screen similar to that below appears, insert the floppy disk containing the SATA driver and press
S (Figure 16).
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