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Просмотр инструкции материнской платы Gigabyte GA 8I945GMMFY RH, страница 13

Hardware Installation- 13 -
1-3-2 Installation of the CPU Cooler
Figure 3
Finally, turn the screw to the locked position ( )
1. Check the triangle marking (or the pointer) on the screw on the CPU socket first.
Before inserting the CPU, turn the screw on the CPU socket to the unlocked position
( ), so the CPU can be installed. To lock the CPU in place, turn the screw to the
locked ( ) position.
2. It may take a little force to turn the screw to the unlocked ( ) and locked ( )
positions. Turn the screw to the locked position after ensuring that the CPU is properly
and correctly placed into the CPU socket.
The CPU cooler may adhere to the CPU as a result of hardening of the heat paste. To prevent
such an occurrence, it is suggested that either thermal tape rather than heat paste be used for
heat dissipation or using extreme care when removing the CPU cooler.
Figure 1.
Place the CPU cooler onto the CPU. Align the
clip latches to the retention mechanism hooks
and place the clips on the CPU cooler.
Figure 4.
Attach the CPU cooler fan connector to the
CPU_FAN header on the motherboard to prevent
overheating or damage of the CPU.
Figure 2.
To prevent applying force unevenly and thus dam-
age to the CPU, we suggest that you install the
second clip in the reverse orientation of the first
Figure 3.
Press down on the clip levers at the same time
till the clips are secured to the retention mecha-
nism hooks.
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