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Просмотр инструкции материнской платы Gigabyte GA 8I945GMMFY RH, страница 51

Appendix- 51 -
Chapter 4 Appendix
4-1 Unique Software Utilities
(Not all model support these Unique Software Utilities, please check your MB features.)
4-1-1 EasyTune 5 Introduction
EasyTune 5 presents the most convenient Windows based system performance enhancement and
manageability utility. Featuring several powerful yet easy to use tools such as 1) Overclocking for enhancing
system performance, 2) C.I.A. and M.I.B. for special enhancement for CPU and Memory, 3) Smart-Fan
control for managing fan speed control of both CPU cooling fan and North-Bridge Chipset cooling fan, 4) PC
health for monitoring system status.
User Interface Overview
(Note) EasyTune 5 functions may vary depending on different motherboards.
Button / Display Description
1. Overclocking Enters the Overclocking setting page
2. C.I.A./C.I.A.2 and M.I.B. Enters the C.I.A./2 and M.I.B. setting page
3. Smart-Fan Enters the Smart-Fan setting page
4. PC Health Enters the PC Health setting page
5. GO Confirmation and Execution button
6. "Easy Mode" & "Advance Mode" Toggles between Easy and Advance Mode
7. Display screen Display panel of CPU frequency
8. Function display LEDs Shows the current functions status
9. GIGABYTE Logo Log on to GIGABYTE website
10. Help button Display EasyTune
5 Help file
11. Exit or Minimize button Quit or Minimize EasyTune
5 software
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