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Просмотр инструкции жк телевизора Telefunken TF-LED22S15, страница 13

General information
General information
Causes of interference
Incorporated in your TV receiver are
the most up-to-date devices to eliminate
interference. Local radiation however, can
create disturbances, which visibly affect your
picture. Proper installations, a good aerial
are your best safeguards against these
• RF INTERFERENCE: Moving ripples
across the screen are caused by nearby
transmitting or receiving short-wave radio
• DIATHERMY: Herringbone pattern
and partial picture loss can result from the
operation of diathermy equipment from a
nearby doctor’s surgery or hospital.
• SNOW: Weak TV signals from long
distant stations result in an instead picture
and give the effect of falling snow. An antenna
adjustment or antenna amplifier may be
• GHOST: Multiple image, caused by
TV signals reflected back from surrounding
buildings, hills, aircraft, etc. is minimized by
correct aerial positioning.
• CAR IGNITION: Nearby cars and electrical
motors can cause small streaks across the
picture or make the picture roll.
1. LED TV 1 pc
2. Remote controller 1 pc
3. Battery 2 pcs
4. Stand 1 pc
5. Screw 7 pcs
6. Consumer information 1 pc
7. Warranty card 1 pc
8. Instruction manual 1 pc
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