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Просмотр инструкции жк телевизора Telefunken TF-LED22S15, страница 12

the repeat play mode.
• When playing music files you can press
/ buttons to fast reverse or forward. You can
press / buttons to select the desired files
manually in normal condition.
When playing text files, you can press CH+/
CH- buttons to page up or page down the file.
• Press EXIT button to stop playback and
return to the previous menu screen.
Below is a table describing simple measures
that can help you eliminate most problems
likely to emerge when this unit is in use. If
below measures do not help, turn to a service
center or to the nearest dealer.
Symptom Cause Solution
No picture, no
sound, and no
indicator light
The power cord is not plugged in.
Contrast, brightness, color and
volume are all in the minimum value
or TV is in mute mode.
Plug the power cord in.
Alter the value of contrast,
brightness, color and volume.
Picture and
sound with
Contrast and color are set improperly.
Color system is set improperly.
Sound system is set improperly.
Set the value of Contrast and color
Set the sound system properly.
The picture in
VGA mode is
The PC settings may be improper. Check and set the resolution
parameters of your PC.
Picture is spotted
or with snow
Signal source is low-grade or the
signal is in a lower quality.
Use the qualified signal cord.
Blue background No video signal or the signal cord is
improperly/not connected.
Connect the signal cord properly.
No sound No audio signal or the signal cord is
improperly/not connected.
Connect the audio signal cord
Set the sound system properly.
The RC does not
Batteries are improperly installed or
Make sure the positive and the
negative polarities are correct.
Reattach the battery lid.
Replace the batteries.
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