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Просмотр инструкции жк телевизора Telefunken TF-LED24S28, страница 9

Press these 4 color buttons to access directly
to corresponding color page displayed at the
lower parts of teletext screen.
OSD operation
1. Press MENU button to enter the setting
menu displayed on the screen.
2. Press LEFT/RIGHT cursor buttons on the
RC or VOL+/- buttons on the panel to select
setting page.
3. Press DOWN cursor button or ENTER
button on the RC or CH+ button on the panel
to go to the parameter list.
4. Press UP/DOWN cursor buttons on the
RC or CH+/- buttons on the panel to select a
parameter to adjust.
5. Press cursor buttons on the RC or VOL+/-
or CH+/- buttons on the panel to adjust the
selected parameter.
6. Press EXIT button to quit the menu.
Some menu items may be in grey color,
in this case they are not adjustable. Pictures
of OSD menu are for reference only; they may
differ from the real screens.
Channel setting (only for TV source)
Auto tuning
ATV Manual tuning
Programme edit
Move Menu OK Exit
Auto tuning: press ENTER button to start
automatic search of available channels. To
stop the process press MENU or EXIT button.
• ATV Manual tuning: Press ENTER button
to enter into manual tuning menu:
Current Channel: select channel number.
Color System: select corresponding color
system (PAL/SECAM/NTSC).
Sound System: select corresponding sound
system (DK/BG/I).
Fine-tune: perform fine adjustment of the
current frequency.
AFC: set On/Off automatic frequency
Search: press LEFT/RIGHT buttons; the
unit will search for next available channel
downward or upward and save it under the
current number.
Program Edit: this item allows you to sort
TV programs according to your preferences.
Enter into program edit menu:
Delete: Select the channel you want to
delete. Press red button to delete the channel.
Rename: Highlight the needed channel.
Press green button; then press UP/DOWN
buttons to select a symbol. Press LEFT/RIGHT
buttons to select the next symbol. Press
ENTER button to confirm.
Move: Highlight the needed channel. Press
yellow button; select the position to put the
channel into. Press yellow button to confirm.
Skip: Highlight the needed channel. Press
blue button; now this channel will be skipped
when you select previous/next channels.
Favorite: Select the channel you want to edit.
If this channel is your favorite channel, you can
add the mark to the channel as your favorite
channel by pressing FAV button.
Picture setting
Picture mode
Color temperature
Noise reduction
Move Menu OK Exit
Picture Mode: Movie/Dynamic/Standard/
Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tint (adjust
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