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Просмотр инструкции жк телевизора Telefunken TF-LED24S28, страница 3

Before you start
Before you start
If you want to dispose this product, do not mix it with general household waste. There is
a separate collection system for used electronic products in accordance with legislation
that requires proper treatment, recovery and recycling.
Please contact your local authorities for the correct method of disposal. By doing so,
you will ensure that your disposed product undergoes the necessary treatment, recovery
and recycling and thus prevent potential negative effects on the environment and human
Utilization of the product
Important safeguards
• Please unplug the power cord from the AC
outlet and contact a service center for repair
if following occurs: any obvious abnormality
appears in the unit, such as smoky, peculiar
smell or strange sound; liquid has been spilled or
other objects have fallen into the unit; no picture
or sound; cover or panel is broken; although you
have operated the unit following the operating
instructions, it still cannot work normally.
• This unit can be connected to a power
supply outlet without the third ground contact
as well as with a ground contact.
• Always disconnect the power cord and
antenna during a storm.
• Do not fix the power cord with a metal nail.
• Unplug the power cord from the AC outlet;
also unplug the signal cables from the input
ports when the unit is unused for long periods
of time.
• When unplugging the plug, always hold the
wide slot, do not touch the metal part, and do
not destroy, twist, pull or roast the power cord.
• Please contact the service center
immediately if you found that the core is
showed in the air or has been broken.
• Please replace the AC outlet if the metal
bolt cannot be inserted into the power socket
completely or it cannot be fastened even when
it was pushed in, otherwise, any accidents of
shocks and fires would happen.
• Never touch the antenna lie or power plug
if it stars to thunder.
• Do not touch the power plug with wet
• Do not use any non-rated power socket
with numerous devices jointed on one power
socket or cable device. The wire of non-
designated capacity may cause the fire due to
the generation of heat.
• All instructions must be read and
understood well before you operate the unit.
Heed all warnings and follow all instructions.
• Please use the accessories provided
by the manufacturer. Using inadequate
accessories may result in accidents.
• Please adjust the product through the
panel buttons or the remote controller, do
not remove the cover or attempt to service
the product by yourself. Do not disassemble
back cover and do not make maintenance by
yourself to avoid the electric shock.
• Over-press the panel may destroy the
• Do not place the product on an unstable
cart, stand surface, tripod, bracket, or table.
The product may fall, causing serious accidents
as well as the damage to the product.
• Please place the product on a flat surface
in a well-ventilated location. Keep it away from
the burning-light, direct sunlight, vibration,
high-temperature and humidity.
• Do not place any vase, potted plant, cup,
medicine and any container with water on this
product. If the liquid is spilt, it may cause the
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