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Просмотр инструкции жк телевизора Sony KDL-40(46)(55)X4500, страница 41

Using Menu Functions
Off Use this setting when the “High”, “Smooth”, “Standard” or
“Clear” settings result in noise.
Depending on the video, you may not see the effect visually, even if you have
changed the setting.
Film Mode Provides improved picture movement when playing DVD or VCR images taken on
film, reducing picture blur and graininess.
Auto 1 Provides smoother picture movement than the original film-
based content. Use this setting for standard use.
Auto 2 Provides the original film-based content as is.
Off Turns off the “Film Mode”.
• If the image contains irregular signals or too much noise, “Film Mode” is
automatically turned off even if “Auto 1” or “Auto 2” is selected.
Game/Text Mode Provides the optimum screen for viewing images with fine lines and characters that
are input from video game equipment and PCs. Set to “On” for the sharp display of
fine lines or characters.
Video/Photo Sets the image quality setting most suited to the input source (video or photograph
Video-A Sets suitable image quality, depending on the input source,
video data or photograph data when directly connecting Sony
HDMI output-capable equipment that supports “Video-A”
Video Produces suitable image quality for moving pictures.
Photo Produces suitable image quality for still images.
• If the connected equipment does not support Video-A mode, the setting is
automatically set to “Video”, even if you select “Video-A”.
x.v.Colour Displays moving pictures more faithfully to the original source by matching the
colour space of the TV to that of the source.
• If the input signal is HDMI (RGB), the setting is automatically set to “Normal”,
even if you select “x.v.Colour”.
Photo Colour Space Selects an option (sRGB, sYCC, Adobe RGB) to set the picture quality best suited
to the colour space of the photograph.
If equipment converts the output colour space of a photograph from sYCC or
Adobe RGB to x.v.Colour or xvYCC, select “sYCC”. Results in picture quality
best suited to the original colour space.
If an RGB signal is being input through HDMI input, automatically set to “sRGB”
even if you have selected “sYCC”.
Colour Matrix Usually used in the factory setting. If the colour tone of the picture from the input
source does not match the colour standard and looks unnatural, select either
“ITU601” or “ITU709”, which normalises colour tone.
RGB Dynamic Range Produces natural colour by changing the luminance tone reproduction of HDMI
input colour signals (RGB). Set to “Auto” for standard use. Change the setting only
when the luminance tone of the display is unnatural.
Colour System Sets the colour system (“Auto”, “PAL”, “SECAM”, “NTSC3.58”, or “NTSC4.43”)
according to the input signal from the input source.
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