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Просмотр инструкции жк телевизора Telefunken TF-LED22S14T2, страница 13

Electronic programme guide (EPG)
If you know the airing time of the current
programme you can access the EPG menu
by pressing the EPG button on the RC. The
menu displays date and time in the top right
corner, the list of the current available channels
on the left, and the name of each programme
starting in scheduled time periods on the right.
Select the channel by pressing UP/DOWN
and the programme by pressing LEFT/RIGHT.
Follow the on-screen instructions and use color
buttons to navigate this menu.
PVR/Timeshift function
Insert a USB drive, the system will
automatically create a folder to store the files
recorded. Recording begins when REC button
is pressed, and it records all the time until
button is pressed or the memory is full. During
the recording, press UP/DOWN cursor buttons
to zoom in/out the record menu.
PVR/Timeshift is a feature enabling you to
record an air program while you are away.
button to activate Time Shift while
recording. Press UP/DOWN cursor buttons
to zoom in/out the Timeshift menu. You can
operate referring to PVR/Timeshift menu on
the screen.
CI information
(only in DTV mode): This function enables
you to watch some encrypted services (pay
services). Please insert a CI card into the
PCMCIA slot according to the arrow on the CI
The function can only be available
when CI card is present.
It is possible for you to change CI
(Common Interface) menu screen and service
by consulting your dealer.
Please do not insert or pull out the CI card
when power on. During initialization of the CI
card, please don’t operate the TV.
Do not insert or pull out the CI card
frequently so as to avoid any damages of the
TV and the CI card.
If there is no picture and/or sound with the
CI+ CAM module inserted, please contact the
customer support of the service provider.
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04 июля 2021, Москва
Спасибо за инструкцию. BBK даёт звук на колонки, через тлф выход, а TL LED22S14T2 не даёт.