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Просмотр инструкции blu-ray проигрывателя Samsung BD-P1000, страница 12

Getting Started
English - 11
Cautions on handling discs
• Do not write on the printed side with a
ball-point pen or pencil.
• Do not use record cleaning sprays or
Also, do not use volatile chemicals, such
as benzene or thinner.
• Do not apply labels or stickers to discs. (Do not use
discs fixed with exposed tape adhesive or leftover
peeled-off stickers.)
• Do not use scratch-proof protectors or covers.
• Do not use discs printed with label printers available
on the market.
• Do not load warped or cracked discs.
Disc Storage
Be careful not to harm the disc because the data on
these discs is highly vulnerable to the environment.
• Do not keep under direct sunlight.
• Keep in a cool ventilated area.
• Store vertically.
• Keep in a clean protection jacket.
• If you move your Blu-ray disc player suddenly from a
cold place to a warm place, condensation may
generate on the operating parts and lens and cause
abnormal disc playback. If this occurs, do not connect
the plug to the power outlet and wait for two hours.
Then insert the disc and try to play back again.
Disc Handling
• Use discs with regular shapes.
If an irregular disc (a disc with
a special shape) is used, this
Blu-ray disc player may be
Holding discs
Avoid touching the surface of a disc
where recording is performed.
Blu-ray Discs
• If the product is not used for a period of time, remove the
Blu-ray Disc from the product and store it in its case.
• Be careful not to leave fingerprints or scratches on the
surface of the Blu-ray Disc.
• Clean with an optional DVD-RAM/PD disc cleaner
(LF-K200DCA1 where available). Do not use cleaners or
cloths for CDs to clean DVD-RAM/-RW/-R discs.
DVD-Video, Audio-CD
• Wipe off dirt or contamination on the disc with a soft cloth.
If you encounter disc compatibility or player operation
problems, please contact SAMSUNG customer care
center. You may also contact SAMSUNG customer care
center for possible updates on this player.
For additional information on playback restrictions and disc
compatibility, refer to the Precautions, Before Reading the
User ’s Manual, Disc Types and Characteristics, and Before
Playing sections of this Manual.
Disc Storage &
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